Saturday, January 8, 2011

MILF - Funeral Joy EP

Featuring them for a second time here, first time was back in 09'. Time flies, and they've come up with a new EP.

There's two tracks, "Funeral Joy" and "On the Rocks". Like I've said before, the French never disappoint. You'll agree.
You can download and listen to more songs by this band HERE. And if you liked the songs so much want to dry hump them, go ahead and connect with them. I'm sure they'd like that.


Star Guitar for PARANOIAK Records

Tracklist :
01. We Have Band - Oh! (Star Guitar Remix)
02. French Horn Rebellion - This Moment (Star Guitar Remix)
03. Florence And The Machine - You've Got The Love (Star Guitar Remix)
04. Snoop Dogg - That Tree (Star Guitar Remix)
05. Pulpalicious - Dirty (Star Guitar Remix)
06. Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy (Star Guitar Dub Remix)
07. Arnaud Rebotini - The Swamp Waltz (Star Guitar Remix)
08. Caribou - Sun (Star Guitar Remix)
09. Birdy Nam Nam - The Parachute Ending (Star Guitar Remix)
10. The XX - Crystalised (Star Guitar Drums Light Edit)
11. Phoenix - Lisztomania (Star Guitar Remix)

You can listen to this compilation HERE.
To keep up with new releases click:


(Sorry guys, I'm WAY behind. Tryin'a keep up.)

Tai and Dakota

Electro Mix

Submitted as a "Pretty dirty electro mix." Yes, yes, yes! it's so refreshing to listen to what our readers create, loving it.
Here's their facebook.

Keep it coming.

Happy New Year everyone.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Etienne de Crecy

I just can't get it out of my head
(+ it sounds like my alarm lol)

- Etienne De Crecy - Welcome (The Bloody Beetroots Remix).mp3


Friday, July 2, 2010


I heard they played it @ Paris Social Club ♥

Yuksek - Tonight.mp3

take my hand... 2nite!
go ahead... 2nite!
play my game... 2nite!
keep your head... 2nite!!

my hamster keeps playing it!! xD


Thursday, July 1, 2010

I like a punk rock chick ♥

I heard this song up in L.A.
... now I cant get it out of my head! Lol
I like how they used that synth's attack/decay,
reminds me of
A cause des Garçon

- H*Wood - Could It Be You.mp3


California Gurls Remixes

Girls who drink beer are sexier
Katy = Sexy Ass Momma!! ♥

This song has got a lot of bloggers attention...
its like this summers soundtrack.

So... I'm gonna leave you some sick remixes
you can hear em before everyone else ;]

here they are

- Katy Perry Feat. Snoop Dogg - California Gurls (Tommie Sunshine -_5AM-_ Edit).mp3

- Katy Perry - California_Gurls_(Passion_Pit_Remix).mp3

- Katy Perry - California Gurls (Mstrkrft Remix).mp3

(I liked Passion Pit best, they gave the track a new twist... )


Friday, February 26, 2010

More Electro for 2010 ♥

so... 2010...
Im happy because it seems I got my job back in exa after I got back here from Paris...

(so cool with the crisis, people loosing their jobs nd all huh!?)
I just had to share it with someone xP
with that said...

Guess what...
I still have the need to STOP & GO w/ Electro ♥ >.< . . .

3OH!3 feat Lil Jon - Hey (Prod. by Dr.Luke).mp3
super cool combination, badass lil john and 30h!3 "yeiah!" >.<

Lil Jon - Give It All You Got (Danger Beach remix).mp3 ♥♥♥
this song totally kicks ass!!... very 80's electro-funk... my trauma for this week

- Drake - Forever (Steve Aoki Remix).mp3
what can I say, its our friend stevey.... aoki man... yesh!!...
(i feel like jumping in tightywhiteys)

- Ke$ha feat. 3OH!3 - Blah Blah Blah.mp3
I like her cause she's sooo Uffie... nd she turns me on... yumm

- The Killers - Somebody Told Me (Redial Goes Oldschool Remix).mp3
Not a big killers fan :/... but I like this trashy-clean-noisy-hard sound :]

- Trash Yourself & The Toxic Avenger - Song 2.mp3
I loved Blur in the 90's, so this remake is BOMB!! oh yeah... "Woooohooooo"


(read this with british accent...)
"...and here it is mate.... a cool set you can use at a beer partey!!" haha

Electro hip hop mix 2010 - ( - .mp3 (Zippy)


"How'bout that" LOL... ;]


Aight!!... MeLikeySM Is still rolling bby!! ;]
lots of things going on at the same time so...
you know...

it's kinda hard to keep this going :/
besides... my rat bastard friends were supposed to help me...
you F-ers!! >.<







here's sumthin else :]]] .

I'd like to introduce you to
De-Vochka a girl from San Diego...
she's what in the market is called "Fresh Meat"
oh yeah... this 19 y/o gal started taking audio recording
and production classes in college in 2009 because...
like Lovefox would say: "she shares that undying love for music" and she liked it :]
she's got good musical taste, knowledge/education, style.... AND she's also hawwtt! xD
she's into electro-minimalism-sabroson (i like to call it that way)

check her out...


Wild Ones Mixtape - de-vochka


1. Billy Johnston Cartel Gennaro Mastrantonio RMX Sle
2. London To Paris (Original Mix)
3. Why Dont You?
4. Mi Piscina
5. Bangkok (Original Mix)
6. Molly (Original Mix)
7. Joga Bola
8. Afreaka
9. I Was Drunk Ft. Noze (Original Mix)
10. The Big Stef
11. Illin N Fillin It (Lee Mortimer's Wearhouse Music Remix)
12. Make You Freq (Miles Dyson Remix)
13. Warp 1977 (Feat. Steve Aoki & Boberman)
14. Juice (Tai & D.I.M. Remix)
15. The Ease (Dada Life Remix)
16. Turn That Shit Up (Diplo Remix)
17. Ladders (320kbps AVAIL ON BEATPORT DECEMBER 18 2009)
18. Chips
19. The Way We Like It (Tommie Sunshine Edit)
20. Where's my monkey?
Release date: Jan 10, 2010

Original Sin - de-vochka

Camels in the Dessert - de-vochka

Sunday, December 20, 2009


No wonder I couldn't find the damn song...
I heard the bloody beetroots playing it in Paris Social Club, people went crazy.
Sounded completely unexpected.
song kicks ass...
Bob Rifo & Aoki = RIFOKI... are doing this project for 2010
they already recorded 5 or 6 tracks... sperm donor is loud, fast, careless, and delightfully distorted :]

lets see what they do in 2010

- Rifoki - Sperm Donor Sample.mp3


Want to Paris for Summer 2010? -

Hello my friends...
sorry for not posting. As you might know,
I just got home from Paris and im kinda settling down.

But let me tell you... PARIS IS FRICKIN AWWWSOME!!
Its the center of the world :]
I didn't know I would get all inspired and shit.
Now the world its a smaller place haha...
(im now a few steps closer to conquer it muahaha)

Paris is "THE" scene for the arts and cool music,
there is no weekend without a show or an exhibition.
My appartment was in the
1er arrondissement ♥ (imagine that!!)
near the Opera Garnier and the Louvre.

While I was living over there,
I discovered great bands and artists and I've also starded
I made good friends who I now work with... (sick huh!?)

We are gnow offering a STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM IN PARIS for next Summer 2010
offering different packages at a reasonalbe price.
Also, you can qualify for an optional payment plan upon request

Packages have from just living in Paris, to going to French classes (textbooks included), and excursions to castles and other places like Amsterdam, Germany, Italy... u call it ;]

The trip kicks ass!!...

I want to go back<333

The whole point here is, WE SHOULD GO BACK TO FRANCE!!

Here's a link to the brochure for more info
Paris Students SUMMER 2010 (BROCHURE)


Apply Online :]

Program is open for people all over the world

Reserve your spot before we reach maximum capacity



here are sum tracks that make me go... "Oh Paris... :] "
put em on your iPod and show some luv...

- Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Innerpartysystem Remix).mp3

- Make the girl dance - Baby Baby Baby (radio edit).mp3


Friday, December 18, 2009

Feature of the Month: The Constellation Branch

Hello, lovelies.

I give you The Constellation Branch. A band from Phoenix, Arizona; their project was originally created in 2006. Now they came up with a self-made debut album called "The Dream Life, The Real Life, The Empty Glass...".

The versatility and continuity of the record gives you the experience of a 60 minute story loaded with a burst of intense, psychedelic and unpredictable mix of hard beats and vocals with melodic soft sounds.

You can relate to the lyrics based on your own experiences. Its just the kind of record that can imprint a stage in your life.

The glass is looking more than half full for these fellas.

Please show support, here's their myspace.

Have you ever heard of PARANOIAK Records?

Well, it's an electronic music label that features various really awesome dj's, they have a blog that they constantly update... I'm telling you.. the French! the French! They were kind enough to give me some samples, you can download more in their blog. Here ya go!

Band: The Blisters Boyz
Their web page:


Cheval de Bois

Band: Major Minor
Their web page:

The Hives – Hate To Say I Told You So (Major Minor Remix)

Black Panther

Band: The Fouck Brothers

Their web page:


Cold Love



Feature of the Month: MILF

Bonjour mon chéres

Ah, the French never seem to disappoint. This group in particular seems to have a lot of hungry fans, and they love to give it to them. All of it. Now its your turn... eat it up. Join us comrades.

Amanda Blank - Might like you better (!!!)
Santogold - You'll find a way

You can download more stuff on their myspace.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chris Cornell - Part Of Me

Debuted on May 2009...

but i like it so munch...
so here.. take theese... they are very cool..
I prefer Aoki's MIX...

Part Of Me -_DiscoTech Remix_.mp3

Part Of Me -_Steve Aoki Remix_.mp3

Part Of Me -_LA Riots Rmx_.mp3

Part Of Me - LMFAO Rmx_.mp3

show your friends ;]


Friday, October 30, 2009

Jim "The King" Morrison

- James Douglas Morrison - (Dec 8, 1943 - Jul 3, 1971)

I went to pay my respects to The Doors' lead singer this afternoon...
he is in the 30th section of
Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris
he is still quite popular :]
I had a cigarette in his honor... and I ate "
The guy would've loved those chips since he liked spicy food

It is an interesting post...just look at this here!! O_o
A few years ago... what seems to be Jim's ghost appeared in a 35mm Photograph

...look closer

(no photoshop of course... its legit!! )

"Break on thrugh, to the other side"

I've attached a clip i found about the ghost

Pert-E cool huh!?

Mkay... Jim recorded some stuff while he was in Paris...
and here is part of it...

- The Doors - Poetry Session (The Lost Paris Tapes).mp3

the recording is raw and unedited... sick huh!?... (doesn't get more real than this)



Steve Aoki @ Tijuana, Baja Ca. MX - Nov 6, 2009

Yup... Dim Mak is doing it people....
TT the twin :] sent me this flyer from San Diego, CA
thanks to the great steve we have very cool music in our ipods...
Steve Aoki is the founder of Dim Mak productions...
and he's gonna be jumping all around in TJ!! :]
si señor...
so... this November's Friday the 6th go and say whats sup...
...we ♥ u stevey...

♪ I just want... I just want.... (u to have WARP!!)

Steve Aoki - N.A.S.A. - Gifted (Steve Aoki Rmx).mp3

The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki_- WARP 1.9 .mp3

1.... 2.... Woop Woop!!


Monday, October 26, 2009

The Bloody Beetroots @ Social Club Nov 12, 2009

BB are going to
be presenting their new album "
this next Nov 12, 2009
in Paris'
Social Club

more info later on....


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boys Noize, Dj Mehdi @ Bataclan

Ssup! :]
well I just checked out
Boize Noize's - POWER
Album Release party @ Bataclan
it was BOMB!
Mehdi is chingonsisimo!!...
sick ass mixes!!
hehe people think im cool
because i come all the way from Mexico...
nd they thought I had body guards, (which I dont need cause Im very strong of course)
Point is...

it was very cool
si señor... representing ;]
Check out last night's clips:

Nd because very cute little tortilla chip with salsa picante pace ♥
has been making my days lately... so OH!.... :] I will leave you this:

Dj Mehdi - Black, Black & Black (Album)

Track listing:
1. Bless
2. BUSTA RHYMES ‘World Go Round’ Remix
3. GHOSTFACE KILLA ‘ Hey Hey’ Remix
4. UFFIE ‘Pop the Glock’ Edit
5. CROOKERS/KID CUDI ‘Embrace The Martian’ Remix Demo
6. MAPEI ‘Leader Of The Pack’
7. MIIKE SNOW ‘Burial’ Remix
8. NOTORIOUS B.I.G ‘Nasty Boy’ Le Cirque Mix
9. JUST JACK ‘Glory Days’ TV Track
10. BUMBLEBEEZ ‘Drop The Bomb’ Ed Rec Allstars Mix
11. MAPEI/SPANK ROCK ‘Public Enemy’
12. JAY-Z ‘I Will Not Lose’
13. NAS ‘Have Fun’
14. Peace

This album was an underground blackmarket release, it has all the tracks that couldn't make it in the official CD's because of one thing or another... therefore its name "Black, Black & Black"
(FUDGE! track #4 tiene mucha onda... reminds me ♥

a little Xtra thingy!

- Dj Mehdi - Pocket Piano (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix).mp3

- Uffie - first love.mp3



Monday, October 19, 2009

Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus (2009)

01 – Lisztomania
02 – 1901
03 – Fences
04 – Love Like a Sunset, Part 1
05 – Love Like a Sunset, Part 2
06 – Lasso
07 – Rome
08 – Countdown
09 – Girlfriend
10 – Armistice



Thirteen Foxxes

(via theyetta)

Ok so I'm gonna post something a little different. Here's a medley of 'new' songs that I think are worth listening, you can hear 'em before downloading.
  1. Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition This song makes me think of 500 Days of Summer. I dont think I need to say more. Gotta love it.
  2. Crookers - Business Man (Black Noise Means Business Remix) I really like this song, not because I'm a 'business' man but because it has siiick beats hahaha what a dork, anyway, you'll agree. You cant ever go wrong with the Crookers. Automatic party song.
  3. Phoenix - Listzomania (DSL Remix) Okay Phoenix has become (officially) a 'classic' for me. Their last album was fucking incredible (I'll be posting that one later) and of course I will take ANY opportunity to post any song from them. Sigh.
  4. Thao Nguyen - When we Swam 'Oh bring your hips, Oh, oh bring your hips, oh bring your hips to me, to me.'
  5. Vivek Shraya - Fevered This was seriously my favorite song for the summer, I just recently discovered this artist and I find him extremely charming and original. ' Hey baby I love when you bruise from exhau-sting meee...'
  6. The KDMS - Never Stop Believing (Munk Club Edit) It's funky, its retro, its techno.
  7. Miike Snow - Cult Logic this song is living proof that nothing is what it seems (just listen to it)
  8. Vampire Weekend - Everywhere This is a cover of Fleetwood Mac and I think that they totally made it theirs, it has such a good vibe to it.
  9. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Okay, okay DONT JUDGE. I'm so fucking sick and tired of Lady Gaga but this song is really cool hahaha its my newest public guilty pleasure. So here ya go. (even if you cant preview it it sounds fine when you download it)
  10. Girls - Laura This song made me think of one of my really good friends. This one's to you, love.
  11. Friendly Fires - I'm good, I'm gone (Lykke Li Cover) I love Lykke Li, who doesn't really? And I love how this cover turned out, it totally complements her voice, and its really different from the original version.
  12. NIN - Discipline The beat of this song is ridiculous, they just keep getting better and better.
  13. Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss a Beat (Yuksek Remix) I'm hooked on this one... hook'd!!!!

Feature of the Month: Sexual Earthquake in Kobe

A few months ago I got the chance to exchange very brief messages with the drum master of this band, V.Kago. He sent me their EP called Criniére de Lion and it blew my mind really. These folks have another band called What Planet is This?! and a collective in which they go by the name of "Club Cheval".
Here's a little more info:

A high-pitched vocals, half-screaming half-insolent, a frenetic beat, a powerful bass et swinging electric sounds, here is SEXUAL EARTHQUAKE IN KOBE ! Their Dance Punk of the 3000s make you stamp your feet, bang your heads and dislocate the most rigid hips.

Close your eyes, stroke your cat and just imagin the rise of beats and bleeps mountain under the rays of a sky that fluctuates between clouds and sun, with, waiting for the band at the sumit, the most delirious party ! This épic vision is not clashing with neither their influences from Daft Punk to Human Leagues, via DFA 1970 and the bloody-crazy Blood Brothers, nor their original will to produce a new sound that has no reasons to be jealous of their anglo-saxon heirs.

On stage, the trio is an explosion of energy making good that simplicity and spontaneity go together with efficiency. And the joy they arouse each time they make a gig witness that the public agrees with them.

Sexual Earthquake in Kobe have been playing for two years in such prestigious venues as Batofar, Flèche d'Or, Trabendo, le Paris Paris (Paris), Aéronef (Lille), Le Grand Mix (Tourcoing), Recyclart (Bruxelles), ZMF (Berlin), Rocket (Milan),... sharing the stage with Art Brut (Uk), Bobmo (Fr), Bonde Do Role (Bzl), Boo! (S-A), Busy P. (Fr), Data (Fr), Fortune (Fr), Free Diamonds (Uk), Gong Gong (Fr), Holy Hail (Us), Hushpuppies (Fr), James Delleck (Fr), Poni Hoax (Fr), Pravda (Fr).
Already supported by their local musical network (North of France), they are to launch their first e.p. « Criniere de Lion » on the parisian label NUKOD.

A video by the parisians of So Many Pictures and a European tour starting on October 15th in Berlin will go with this release.
First of all, I'd like us to take a moment and visit this French punk-electro band's myspace. It's for your own good, son.
Secondly, they were kind enough to send me their EP, so now you can have it too.
Take the opportunity, be cooler than your friends. It's our secret.

(.zip file contains songs, pictures and pdf file with bio)


The Bloody Beetroots - Romborama [2009]

soddy i didn't post this before...
real quick... here's sum info...
The Italian duo released this album 2 months ago
it includes tracks from past productions and also new ones...
the song "Its Better a Dj on 2 Turntables"
was secretly released by "The Bollocks Brothers" (the bloody beetroots)
I luv how classical music influenced cornelius' productions...
u can listen to it closely on track #6 "Have Mercy on Us"

- The Bloody Beetroots - Romborama (Album)


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Innerpartysystem - Innerpartysystem [2008]

Si te gusta 3Oh!3, estos te van a gustar!!
Patrick Nissley, Jared Piccone, Kris Barman y Jesse Cronan.
El origen del nombre de la banda se deriva de los pensamientos del novelista/periodista Americano: George Orwell. Segun el buen Jorge las clases sociales son definidas como "Inner Party", "Outer Party" y "Working Class".
No son tan "Inner Party" ke digamos... pero la intencion es crear un ambiente elitista lleno de multmedios sobre-estimulantes (luces, sonidos, animaciones, etc.).

- Innerpartysystem-Innerpartysystem ALBUM [2008].rar

El album esta pro... pero tambien les adjunto unos remixes que se aventaron

con The Killers, 3Oh!3, Katy Perry, y Ladyhawke. :]]]]]]

- 3OH!3 - Don't Trust Me (Innerpartysystem Remix).mp3

- Innerpartysystem - Don't Stop (3OH!3 Remix).mp3

- The Killers - Human (InnerPartySystem Remix).mp3

- Katy Perry - Hot N Cold (Innerpartysystem Remix Main).mp3

- Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Innerpartysystem Remix).mp3

Enjoy!! :]


The Dead Weather @ Olympia Paris, FR... 28/Oct/2009

This project is BOMB...
Lovefoxx introduced me to this guys...
nd i think they're great
just imagine...
Queens of the stone Age, The White Stripes, The Rancouteurs, and The Kills
playing together...
its awwwsome
Yeah man!!...
they're gonna be playing at Olympia here in Paris...
Tix are around 35 euros

Date : Mercredi 28 octobre 2009
Horaires : 20:00
Lieu : L'Olympia
Adresse : 28 boulevard des Capucines
Ville : Paris 75009
Métro : Madeleine - Opéra